EVBKS5 new

mmWave Sensor Development Kit



EVBKS5 is a development kit based on ICLM 24 GHz mmWave Sensor SoC S5KM312CL.

EVBKS5 incorporates mmWave Sensor SoC S5KM312CL, 1TX2RX antenna, and Cortex-M4 MCU. It can compute and obtain the target's distance, angle, velocity, and direction of movement simultaneously by integrating wide bandwidth antenna and applying FMCW signal.

With EVBKS5 development kit, users can evaluate S5KM312CL's performance quickly, and develop algorithms for various applications easily.

EVBKS5 development kit supports USB and UART communication interfaces, and SWD debugging interface. With corresponding firmware, it can output sensor's Range FFT or Doppler FFT data for further development.


  • High-integration mmWave Sensor SoC

  • Comprehensive chip evaluation system

  • Minimalism development platform

  • Flexible system configuration options


  • 24 GHz integrating 1TX2RX wide bandwidth micro-strip antenna

  • Supporting UART/USB Type-C data transmission

  • Maximum data transmitting rate 34 Mbps

  • Supporting SWD debugging and programming interface

  • Supporting two kinds of voltage supply


Operating Frequency

23.5 ~ 27.5 GHz

Operating Voltage

Support both 3.3 V and 5 V 

via USB or independent power supply

Sensor SoC

S5KM312CL (1TX2RX)

Sweep Frequency 


Max. 4 GHz (adjustable)

Modulation Mode


Hardware Size

4.3 cm x 4.1 cm

Environment Temperature

-40 ℃ 85 

Software Tools

EVBKS5 Software Tools.png


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EVBKS5毫米波传感器开发套件 2022.7 version NEW Introduction 1.4 MB Download
用户手册_EVBKS5用户手册 Rev.1.0 NEW User Manual 2.3 MB Download
发布说明_EVBKS5发布说明 Rev.1.0 NEW Release Note 367.9 KB Download
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Schematics_EVBKS5 Rev.1.0 NEW Schematics 82.9 KB Download


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Firmware_EVBKS5_V1.0.1 V1.0.1 NEW Firmware 28.1 MB Download
GUI_EVBKS5波形配置与演示_Rev.1.0.0 Rev. NEW GUI 22.7 MB Download